Important GA tonight!


Kia ora te whanau,

We’re really keen to have the extended whanau come to Thursday nights GA. Some decisions need to be made in terms of where we are at and where to from here. Your input is incredibly valuable to Occupy Christchurch Otautahi.

We’re on the brink of a huge demonstration on Saturday, our home is in need of some love and we are all in need of seeing each other face to face.

Perhaps a good start to the event would be to do a round where everyone has 30 seconds to express their own thoughts and at the end to have a brief silence in order to digest what has been said. From there we can work on what we need to do in order to make the most of this awe inspiring thing we have all been and continue to be a part of.

Religion Wars
We are now living in the modern day, where technology is everywhere. You can now easily search for information, do transactions online, communicate with people wherever they are, travel all over the world, and entertain yourself with several apps like cargames. All of these are thanks to the continuous development of gadgets, technology, and the internet.

To some people religion is important, to others they are not. Some say that religion is the reason why there are fights and wars, like the crusades from long time ago to the holocaust. Each person has the freedom to choose their own religion and the others must respect it and not to push their own beliefs on them, with that arguments can be avoided. But there are some people who are close minded and there are others who don’t really care at all. There are also people who would go as far as disproving the existence of God and those who believe that God has many forms. But there are historical evidences that prove the existence of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was brought in this world as the Savior of humankind. And His disciples wrote the books of the Bible which now the basis of Christianity.

How you perceive the world and your beliefs can be based on your religion. Your morals, behavior and how you interact with people is also affected by your religion. Aside from language, religion is another barrier that we must overcome in order for us to understand each other. And by enabling flash player in all browsers, you can read some topics about religion.

The sad thing: no matter how far our history has reached or the number of discoveries that humans made, there are still people who are close-minded with their beliefs. Aside from language, another barrier is our religion. Countries and people’s belief are majorly influenced by their religion. Though some people are starting to accept the idea of people believing in other forms of God, there are still those who believe that they are better than everyone because of their religion. Some extremists go to the length of sacrificing themselves just to kill other people who have a different religion from them.

Events for the upcoming week (up to 21st Nov)!

Kia ora whanua, there are plenty of events coming up!

Today (Weds 16th) there is an Anti-Fracking march starting at Occupy Corner at 2pm. Details at facebook event here

On Saturday (19th) we are supporting a rally and march organised by WeCan over the uncertainty of the Christchurch housing zones. 2pm, Cranmer Square’; more details at facebook event here

On Sunday (20th) we have another community day with kai, music, workshops and a free market; facebook event here

On Monday (21st) there is a Q&A session on Fracking with politicians at the University of Canterbury; details at facebook event here

See you soon!

The gateway to the South of New Zealand’s Island is Christchurch. Just imagine the many adventures that it can offer you. This small island in the map can actually provide you with great experience. It is where you can try the bungy jump- feeling like a superhero who jumps from the highest floor of the building. But of course, you are in the Paradise. You can also ski in uncrowded slopes while viewing great sceneries. You can surf with the waves and swim with dolphins, whales, and seals. You can also bike in the mountains and hike in the snow. You can also try to raft in the roaring waters.

All of these could be seen just near Christchurch. And come to think of the many beautiful gardens that you can visit. Witness the beauty of the nature even when you are in the city. Taste the different brands of wines in various wineries. Just so many things that you can try even from a small part of the small country. And it is so exciting since a part of it offers exciting adventure, how about in the other side? If you want to make Christchurch be known more by the people, visit this website!

New videos!

Group Meetings And Instagram

If you have not noticed it yet, social media has practically taken over the world, and not just in the way that it used to be. These days, if you want to get anything done over the internet, you are going to need a social media account such as with instagram. More than that, if you want absolute exposure, you’ll need bought followers. For this, you are going to need trustworthy providers. Don't get scammed: buy from trustworthy sellers only!

There is a lot to be said about instagram and social media in general in terms of its effects on how business is done these days. More than anything else, they shape perception and dictate which products, services or entities are the most popular. For those who have groups they want to promote, there is no better way to do so than social media.

Kia ora, there are lots of new videos that have been uploaded to our youtube channel lately, so here they are! For a more in depth explanation of each video, go to the video’s youtube page (click the youtube logo in the bottom right corner of the video) and read the video description.

From Saturday the 5th of November, here is footage of a group of us picketing a business supplied by Canterbury Meat Packers, who have been refusing to pay a group of its workers up north at all until they sign new contracts that include pay cuts of up to 30%.

On Thursday the 3rd of November Jacob brought us an amazing bicycle generator; here’s the reveal:

After a bit more tinkering it was ready to charge car batteries on Sunday the 6th of November (also check out Jo’s great badge-making workshop):

Here’s a short video of the start of one of our General Assemblies on the 31st of October:

Finally, here is Regan faceplanting the grass whilst attempting to mow the lawn around our occupation:

Stay tuned for a video of a group of us occupying the CERA offices on Monday!

Update and events for this week

Exposing corporate bullying across Aotearoa

We had a great picket of a business supplied by Canterbury Meat Packers on Saturday as well as an awesome fireworks display in the evening. On Sunday Jacob finished off his bicycle generator project, so now we have a pseudo-gym that charges a car battery! There were plenty of great workshops on Sunday as well including legal advice from a prominent lawyer, the lessons of Spain 1936 and badge-making.

Yesterday a small group of us joined a protest against the ruthless destruction of Christchurch’s heritage buildings. After a few speeches there was a march which went all the way up to CERA’s reception in level 2 of the HSBC building. Footage of these protests will be uploaded to our youtube account soon; some footage from the weekend has already been uploaded here.

For this week, we have plenty of events planned:

Tuesday 8 November, 6:30pm: 
Workshop on Self Sufficient Urban Living with Jake!


Friday 11/11/11: Take part in this global event by coming to Occupy Corner at 11am, picking a tree and sitting down to have a think for an hour. It’s sad that we rarely find the time to have a proper think about things in this modern age, so join us as we occupy our own minds for an hour (or however long you like)! Facebook event here

5.30pm Friday; our first nationwide People’s Parliament event! Details on facebook event here

Saturday 12 November: Flash mob! Facebook event here

Sunday 13 November: Sunday market and workshops! Facebook event here

We are also changing our General Assembly time from 8pm to 7pm, starting on Monday the 14th of November. Have a great week, see you soon!


Plenty of events planned for this weekend! (5/6 Nov)

We have a lot planned for this weekend so head down to Occupy Corner if you can and get involved!

Saturday November 5: THREE events planned!

Saturday 5 Nov, 10am – 1pm: Parihaka workshops, free market, music, kai, sign-making
Commemorate Parihaka, an important moment in the history of Aotearoa. Parihaka was a peaceful Maori settlement established in 1867 to protest against the repeated illegal land confiscations by the British empire. On the 5th of November, 1881, British soldiers invaded the community and were met with children offering them kai, yet still destroyed the village and raped wahine. We are organising speakers to give talks on Parihaka which will be between 11am and 1pm.
More detail at facebook event here

Saturday 5 Nov, 1pm – 6pm: Picket of ANZCO office in support of locked out CMP workers
In Palmerston North, 111 workers have been locked out of their workplace at Canterbury Meat Packers with no pay because they refused to accept a pay cut of up to 30% as well as increased work rate from their employers. CMP is part of the multinational ANZCO corporation so at 1pm on Saturday we will bus to their Hornby offices and join with other workers groups to protest against such abhorrent corporate pressure tactics from 2pm.
More detail at facebook event here

Saturday 5 Nov, 6pm – late: Free dinner, general korero, outdoor film and Guy Fawkes celebration
After the protest we will return to Occupy Corner for dinner, a general korero (where anyone can discuss the issues that brought us to the occupation), outdoor film screening and fireworks (not necessarily in that order). It’s going to be a great night; join us!
More detail at facebook event here

Sunday 6 Nov, 10am – whenever: Community picnic, free market, music, workshops
After the success of last Sunday’s community day, we are having another! Come along any time for plenty of things to occupy your day. Throughout the day there will be workshops on the legalities of protest, community initiatives and the Spanish uprising of the 1930s.
More info at facebook event here 

Photos and footage from this weekend!

bringing free hugs to outdoor malls

We’ve had a great weekend down at Occupy Corner; on Saturday the 29th of October we dressed up as Robin Hoods and gave out hugs and flyers at the newly opened Cashel mall, in support the global Robin Hood Tax March (see here for more info). More pictures can be seen here

a free community

Today (Sunday the 30th) we had an awesome community picnic with live music, plenty of workshops, free kai, and a free market where people could bring their unwanted possessions and get other people’s items for free. More pictures can be seen here

Here’s a great video of Adam from The Eastern playing for us (including a bit of a campsite tour and footage of our free market):

Workshop on the historical labour movements of Aotearoa New Zealand:


Labour Day Walk a Huge Success

On Monday the 24th of October, Occupy Ōtautahi Christchurch hosted a respectful walk around part of the city’s red zone cordon. The walk celebrated Labour Day and acknowledged the difficult year Cantabrians have had. It succeeded in uniting our local community as we rebuild our lives and suburbs, and has paved the way for future events.

Around 150 people met at Occupy Corner from 11am to enjoy music, kai, conversation, coffee, sport and sign-making before the walk began at 12pm.

A great community atmosphere before the walk


At 12pm the group set off to the Bridge of Remembrance. Children with scooters raced out in front whilst people met their neighbours and made new connections behind. No megaphones were used during the walk itself, and Occupy Ōtautahi Christchurch once again maintained a peaceful demonstration without disturbing the public.

Peaceful road crossing

At the Bridge of Remembrance a minute’s silence was held to remember the tough year our city has been through and the many people who tragically lost their lives in the February earthquakes. Flowers were provided for people to place at the cordon as a mark of respect.

A time for reflection

The group then walked along the river before heading to the Art Gallery for an open mic forum. A wide range of people shared their own personal stories and concerns whilst children and dogs chased bubbles blown across the paving stones.

Some well-earned shade along the Avon river

A true public forum

There was a strong sense of unity as everyone walked back to Occupy Corner after the open mic. After the many inspiring speeches from everyday Cantabrians, individuals who thought that they were alone in sensing something wrong in the world realised that there is actually an entire community of people who feel the same.

Back at the corner there was an impressive amount of free kai prepared, including a sausage sizzle, potato salad and pasta dishes, as well as gluten free and vegan options. The awesome tunes of Soul Liberation rounded out the afternoon along with games and relaxation.

Part of Soul Liberation delivering sweet music

Here’s a great overall video of the day:


It was an amazing day of reflection, smiles and community spirit. It is clear that community engagement is vitally needed after our year of earthquakes; Occupy Ōtautahi Christchurch has provided a safe and peaceful community center where people can enjoy free kai and coffee, meet like-minded companions, voice their opinions in a true democracy, and look towards the future with hope instead of worry.

Let’s hope it continues.

A welcoming environment for all

Don’t worry if you missed out on our Labour Day event; Occupy Ōtautahi Christchurch has organised events for both days this weekend!

On Saturday the 29th there is a march to support the RobinHood tax proposal whilst Sunday the 30th will hold a community picnic, complete with a “free market” to exchange all of your unwanted items! Check out the Event page on this website or the Facebook events for more information (Saturday march here, Sunday picnic here).

As well as that, come down to Occupy Corner anytime for coffee, kai, and conversation. While many of us have work, family or study commitments that prevent us from being there full time,  there’s always a group of friendly faces ready to say kia ora!

Labour Day March to be Lead by Occupy Christchurch

Full press statement here:

“On Labour Day, Occupy Christchurch has sent an open invitation for all, to join us on a peaceful and respectful march around the CBD cordon. We wish to commemorate those that lost their lives, acknowledge those that continue to suffer both physically and emotionally in our city, and celebrate the day for workers. The march will begin at 11am, at Occupy Corner: South Hagley Park, near the bus exchange.

The issues closer to home are the issues that cities around the World also share. Our beaches are covered in oil; politicians are attacking workers rights while ignoring correct democratic processes; twenty-nine miners remain in our soil; our public services are being stripped while early child care is being blamed for public debt.

Here in Christchurch we are bearing the brunt of a privatised rescue plan, where the biggest bidder gains the contracts and then scrimp and save on the final product. The result: a community with no clear idea for their future; and CERA which has pushed aside our democratically elected body ECan; and private insurance companies which are bailed-out in excess of a billion of our tax paid dollars.

How much longer can we accept this attack on democracy and stand by while private pockets soak up public wealth?”

Read the full release here:

Labour Day March Planned

Occupy Otautahi-Christchurch is planning a march around the Red Zone on Labour Day, this coming Monday. We will begin at “Occupation Corner”, where we are based, and make our way around the Red Zone to the Christchurch Art Gallery. We will lay flowers and other marks of respect and invite short speeches. We’ll then return to Occupation Corner for refreshments, discussion and festivities.

All the details are here, on our Facebook Event page; and here, on our Press Statement for this event.

We hope to see you there!